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Nonthaburi’s best 5 Sushi restaurants for sushi lovers

Best sushi restaurants in Nonthaburi

A vibrant metropolis just north of Bangkok, Nonthaburi is home to some of Thailand's top sushi restaurants. Nonthaburi offers a wide range of sushi flavors and styles, from classic nigiri to imaginative rolls and fusion cuisine. The best 5 sushi restaurants in Nonthaburi that are a must-visit for sushi lovers will be highlighted in this article.

1. Sushi Hana

In the center of Nonthaburi, there is a well-known sushi eatery called Sushi Hana. It is renowned for its high-quality, fresh sushi, which includes inventive rolls, sashimi, and classic nigiri. Additionally, the eatery serves a number of Japanese dishes, including tempura and udon noodles. With its warm and contemporary ambiance, Sushi Hana is a great spot to dine with friends and family. Another great sushi spot is…

2. Sushi Masa

Another highly regarded sushi eatery in Nonthaburi is Sushi Masa. The eatery is renowned for its premium components, which include imported fresh seafood from Japan. The cooks at Sushi Masa are adept at making a range of sushi types, from traditional nigiri to specialty rolls like the spicy tuna roll and the volcano roll. A sophisticated dining experience is created by the restaurant’s chic and minimalist décor.

3. Sushi Nami

A hidden treasure in Nonthaburi, Sushi Nami is situated in a peaceful neighborhood. With a small seating space and a sushi bar where patrons can observe the chefs in action, the restaurant provides a warm and intimate dining experience. The selection at Sushi Nami offers a wide range of sushi flavors and preparation methods, such as traditional nigiri, sashimi, and inventive rolls like the dragon roll and the rainbow roll.

4. Sushi Mori

There are several branches of the well-known Thai sushi chain Sushi Mori in Nonthaburi. The eatery is a great choice for those on a budget because of its reputation for reasonable prices and generous portions. The sushi types and flavors available at Sushi Mori include traditional nigiri, sashimi, and specialty rolls like the dynamite roll and spider roll.

5. Sushi Hiro

A trendy sushi eatery called Sushi Hiro is situated in a busy part of Nonthaburi. A sophisticated atmosphere is created by the restaurant’s contemporary and chic decor, and its menu offers a diversity of sushi varieties and flavors. The chefs at Sushi Hiro are adept at making both classic rolls like the California roll and the rainbow roll as well as conventional nigiri and sashimi.